The latest issue of Cinescape Magazine has a few little goodies for us to chew on.

Firstly there is a small blurb regarding the production. They called LOTR ‘The closest thing you’ll get to a sure thing since The Phantom Menace. The casting (and CGI shrinking) of the main characters is risky, but could ultimately prove to be a great idea. With a nice little pic of the lovely Liv Tyler

Secondly is a bite in their ‘’ section regarding the ‘X-Men’ films, The Official Ian McKellen Website is mentioned. Since the folks there are cool dudes, I thought I’d mention it 🙂

Last there is a great feature on the X-men project with a great pic of Ian McKellen.

Keen Barliman’s folks will also notice a page 22 article about Kirsten Dunst (Inside Barliman’s joke, sorry).