Ringer Fan Jeff sent in this letter he received from Peter Jackson and the folks at Wingnut Films concerning some music he sent in to them, with portions snipped by me. The music is described by Jeff as ‘lyrics from the point of view of Aragorn as he lays down to voluntarily give up his life. He acknowledges the tremendous cost to Arwen but reminds her that their deaths are inevitable and that the triumph of the west over Sauron made these things come to pass’:

Check out what Jeff sent into Wingnut here.

Letter from Wingnut:

Dear Jeff

Thank you for expressing interest in our project, “The Lord of the Rings”.

…We commenced filming on the 11th October and currently Peter is focusing his attention on shooting the first film and perfecting the scripts for the second and third. At this stage he will not be concentrating on the music for the trilogy until well into the New Year.

…Please be assured that your information is being kept on file in our comprehensive library of prospective musicians, composers, lyricists, singers etc

…Thank you again for your interest, support and patience.

It seems that the 2nd and 3rd scripts have yet to be perfected! Sounds good to me:)