Hail Tolkien fans! Balin and I have put tinder and flint together to come up with this weekend’s Hall of Fire topic. It’s sure to send up a few sparks! Come in from the cold and enjoy the fireside glow of The Hall as we kick around our thoughts and citations. Special thanks to Barliman chatters Pippin Took, Gil-Estel, Eldarion, and Pippin Skywalker for their feedback.

Topic: The Power of the One Ring

What was the nature of the power of the One Ring? With as much ‘factual’ information you can dig up in The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and other texts, what can we deduce about the Ruling Ring? To what extent was the Ring influenced by its wearer, or vice versa? How is it that some individuals were able to overcome the Ring, but others succumbed easily? Did the Ring posses powers of its own? These and other questions will be asked….do you have an answer?

Time: Postponed to Saturday, 1/8/00

Place: #thehalloffire; come to Barliman’s and type /join #thehalloffire in your message window

References: strongly encouraged

Dress: casual

Mathoms: optional

If you have suggestions for a future Hall of Fire topic, please email them to Gamgee, Gandalf, or me. Also, your feedback on Hall of Fire events is important to us, so please let us know what you think! Email your comments to Tookish@theonering.net. Namarie!