The December/January issue of French Primere mag has a nice tid bit on LOTR. The following is translated by yours truly 🙂 so bear with me:

Blurb with Images, Including the famous ‘tree’

The Fellowship of The Ring: The Complete Cast

Wellington, NZ. One week after the begginging of production the first film that will realise Peter Jackson’s dream of JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, New Line (erm, more like me – Xo) announced that Stuart Townsend (Shooting Fish) would be leaving the production. Townsend was signed on to play Aragorn, a warrior. New Line gave no reason for the departure, but rumors on ‘Daily Variety’ say it was due to creative differences between the actor and Peter Jackson. At the time of press, it seems that Viggo Mortensen will fill the role. The complete cast list was then sent out in a Press Release on October 7th.