Greetings, Quickbeam here.

The most erudite and deliciously bookish Turgon has come forth from his Library to shower us with gifts. The gifts of KNOWLEDGE, mind you, and he’s got plenty to share!

Read from his 12 great new articles in the Q&A section and you’ll learn various things about Turin’s speaking sword and the esoteric Second Prophecy of Mandos. But the joy of being STUMPED has eluded us still! Turgon takes on the meaning of “Moria, the Black Pit“– Click here to see the new Stump the Staff.

He’s also given us the “Best New Tolkien for Christmas” in his Bookshelf column, taking us close-up to the new edition of the Professor’s “Letters from Father Christmas.” This is very cool stuff.

And I offer for your pleasure a fun little item for the Holiday Season. Go Out on a Limb with me as I explain to Samwise’s eldest daughter, “Yes, Elanor, there really is a Gandalf!

Much too hasty,