Xoanon here,

Having read what Dernhelm reports, I must say that it’s very akin to the scripts that I’ve read. The decapitation though, that’s new to me. So this will be regarded as a serious RUMOR and nothing more.

From: Dernhelm

I’ve heard some new rumors about the script from an insider.

With Eomer being out, Eowyn becomes queen of Mark, she still marries Faramir though. And it seems to be some change in Eowyns personality, she’ll be much tougher, maybe as some sort of mix between Eomer and Eowyn.

Also, the scoring of the shire will be a bit different, as it will not include Grima Wormstounge. He will be blamed by Eowyn for her last living relative’s(Theoden) death. And she will find him after Saruman left him, and she will decapitate Wormstounge, Theoden’s evil advisor.