From Frank and the cool dudes at Cinescape.

‘D&D’ Vs. ‘LOTR’?

Dungeons and Dragons director Corey Solomon has read and heard all those rumblings that his film is only hoping to catch the wave of enthusiasm fans are generating for New Line’s currently in production Lord of the Rings trilogy. While talking to the the Dungeons and Dragons Movie fan website, the director dismisses such talk, saying, “I have read a bunch of the rumors about D&D trying to ride on the coat tails of LOTR. To clarify this issue, that is not the case. We have been working on D&D since 1991. It just took a long time to do for various reasons, the main one being that Hollywood is not favorable about the fantasy genre. Our whole concept with D&D was to bring a new face to fantasy through the film. Definitely, it is not like any fantasy movie we have seen before.”