Super Ringer Spy Eriol managed to get yours truly an interview with the President and CEO of ‘NeoPlanet’ Drew Cohen. NeoPlanet is the web design company that is doing the work for the Official Site (got a job for poor ol’ Xoanon here?) Check out what he has to say!

Xoanon: What do you do at Neoplanet?

Neoplanet: I am the President & CEO

X: When were you approached by New Line?

NP: I sought New Line out for Austin Powers – LOTR is follow-up work based on the success NeoPlanet/New Line had together with Austin

X: Are you a LOTR fan?

NP: I am a huge fan. I read Tolkien first back in Junior High (1974). I have re-read the books avery few years since. I can’t think of a better project to be associated with.

X: How many people are working on the site?

NP: New Line has a couple, plus NeoPlanet has about 3 full-time and another 6 part time depending on the specific tasks.

X: What type of input has Peter Jackson had?

NP: He get’s approval of everything. Mostly we’ve been giving him things to look at and get back to us on, but he’s so into the site that he is starting to take a more proactive role.

X: Are you planning on doing anything special with

NP: Our plans include the following:

Feature Fan sites on the official site

Create permanent links in the LOTR version of NeoPlanet to fan sites. Right now is considered the leading fan site, but New Line is the official source for which fan sites gets featured.

X: Are you willing to do these Q & A things on a regular basis?

NP: Yes

X: What other movie sites have you done?

NP: Austin Powers, Final Destination (NeoPlanet is actually used as the browser in the movie), also NeoPlanet is on the Astronaut’s Wife DVD and the LOTR version will be on upcoming New Line DVD’s. Look for more soon.

Thanks to the very cool CEO of NewPlanet! Thanks Drew!