Xoanon here,

Tehanu needs your help! She has taken human form again and has remained stuck! Her proximity to The Remarkables, the wonderous mountains near Queenstown, has sapped all her magic. As a result she needs shelter in the wonderous land of Queenstown. And she wants to meet all our fans while she’s down there!

Tehanu will be at the ‘Squealing Pig Cybercafe’ today (Tuesday) at 5PM and tomorrow (Wednesday) at 1PM. She’s wants to meet all our fans, talk Tolkien and websites and find someone willing to give her human form a place to stay!

The ‘Squealing Pig Cybercafe’ is located next to the info center at 45 Camp street. Click here for a map.

Click here to email ‘The Squealing Pig’ and ask for more details.

Click here to email Tehanu to ask her for more details.

Thanks to the manager and staff at ‘The Sqealing Pig’.

Spoiler Space (Helms Deep pics below)