Rohan Extra sends an article from “Expressions” (an employees bi-monthly Newsletter from TranzRail).

Hobit Hater

Hobbits beware: Don’t mess with Hutt workshops fitter/welder Rob Revill.

Just the other day he was drinking in his favorite tavern – The Prancing Pony (not Horse – Xo) – when a hobbit slammed the door – the first time it had been slammed for 700 years. Robglared – a “death Stare”, he calls it. But before he could reach for his razor-sharp claymore, the hobbit slipped on a ring and just plain disappeared.

Well, that’s what’s going to happen in the movie. Not to Rob, but his character – an evil hobbit hater.

Rob has an extra’s role in Lord of the Rings and recently shot his first scene at director Peter Jackson’s studios in Miramar, Wellington. He can’t talk about the storyline, and sadly he can’t show us his costume and the authentic steel claymore (apparently worth $3500 – Jackson doesn’t like fake props), but he can show us that death stare (see photo). And he does say the sets in the studio are unbelievable. “you’d be amazed at what they can do with polystyrene.”

Rob applied for a film role after seeing an ad in the paper seven months ago. The casting agency took one look at his face and told him he had the part – “I guess they liked my craggy, hard features.” The role was confirmed after an audition.

Rob had only “acted the fool” before Lord of the Rings, but is now seriously looking at a film career. He even has an agent, although he didn’t know it until Model Pool – the agency that first looked at him for Lord of the Rings – rang and offered him a role playing a servant in Ivanhoe, currently being filmed at the Avalon studios in the Hutt Valley.