Greetings all, Quickbeam here…

Yes, I admit we’ve been away for about a month from our beloved Green Books, but fear not! We are back with a vengeance! 🙂

For all you curious souls out there who have submitted to our Q&A, now is your golden hour… we have no less than TWENTY new articles based upon your queries… Covering such esoteric subjects as:

– Could Sauron have controlled the mighty Balrog?

– Were there any sightings of the Entwives?

– Was there a system of prayer or worship in Middle-earth?

– What did Gandalf want to talk to Bombadil about?


– How did King Elessar re-establish the Kingdom of Arnor?

But wait, there’s more! Dozens of new poems and delightful fiction can be found in our updated Moon Letters section. Best of all is a terrific photo essay by one Shaun Spain, as he travels through scenic rural England where Tolkien himself once romped as a child. Great picturesand a great tour through the Professor’s youth await you “On the Tolkien Trail.”

See some cool new updates Turgon has on his erudite Bookshelf, and keep your eyes open for a new “Out on a Limb” column from me later this week. Again, we at Green Books take you with us as we continue to explore the Words and Worlds of Tolkien.

Much too hasty,