I would love to get my eyes on this book, geez, you think Xoanona would mind if I blew all my money on this book instead of saving for our apartment? Resort Radio sent this to me just now:

Further to our conversation of this morning (New Zealand time) here are the details of the volume of Lord of the Rings to be auctioned off at the Celebrity Auction in Queenstown NZ on Sunday 12th December at 12 noon in the Memorial Hall.

Book is a hardcover, illustrated by Alan Lee who is also working on the films as a conceptual artist.The book has been signed by various cast members and crew who are actually working in Queenstown.They are:

Peter Jackson Director/Writer/Producer

Tim Sanders Producer

Barrie M Osborne Producer

Fran Walsh Writer

Phillippa Boyens Writer

Elijah Wood “Frodo”

Sean Astin “Sam”

Dominic Monaghan “Merry”

Billy Boyd “Pippin”

Viggo Mortensen “Aragorn”

Orlando Bloom “Legolas”

Sean Bean “Boromir”

John Rhys-Davies “Gimli”

Most signatories have also included a message along with their signatures.

For more information contact Resort FM Queenstown 00 64 3 442 7222

Hope this is of interest to you and the followers of your website

Jo Blick

Program Director

Resort FM