From: Xtem


they have created a programme that allows you to search through the HDs of all the people involved…and that is alot! I’m talking about over 1, 000 gigabytes of stuff available, on just ONE server at a given time!!! Anyway, it’s specifically created for finding the audio format MP3. I just thought people might like to know about it, because having been to some of the MP3 web pages out there I know how often you get broken links or redirected to some other site, which is most likely to open up hundreds of other windows! As I was saying, this programme is amazing in finding specific songs or artists that you might be looking for, which someone else has in their HD and is making available to you.

So my point, after all that? Well, I’ve just stumbled across some theme songs for Lord of the Rings that people have recorded – I think it might have been for the Bakshi version or something (haven’t downloaded it nor have I watched that version, so I’m not helpful in that area!). So finding LOTR stuff may be made easier! Anyway, the other possibility is that you could do searches for the people rumoured to be doing the score for LOTR, such as Mr. Kilar.