From: John Cook

Hi, I’m a big fan of your site – I visit it every day (hungry for new LOTR movie news) and I am DEEPLY envious that you got to read the movie script!

Anyway, I run a weekly cartoon competition on my web site and this week, I’ve drawn a cartoon parody of Lord of the Rings, featuring Gandalf and the 4 hobbits. Entrants have to write a caption for the cartoon and at the end of the week, the funniest punchline is voted on by readers.

I thought you and readers might be interested in checking out the cartoon. The cartoon is based on actual shots of hobbit holes used in Peter Jackson’s upcoming movie – that I found from your site! If you could mention it on your site, I would be deeply thankful. The link is:

The competition ends Dec 9 so please drop by to check it out soon. I’ve attached a small icon that you’re free to post on your site (or you can copy the cartoon off my site and use that if you want). Many thanks!

John Cook

Twist Cartoon Competition