Last night, the evil Dr. Moriarty, resident worker bee at Ain’t It Cool News, held a live chat on IUniverse. I caught the tail end of it, it was rather interesting. Here’s what he had to say concerning LOTR:

I think there’s a hell of a chance that PJ’s about to take everyone to school. The 2 script version is stunning, beautiful piece of fantasy storytelling. It’s adult and smart & passionate and sad and everything that people always complain that fantasy cinema isn’t.

And Jackson’s got the software to back it up his human actors. WETA has tricks up it’s sleeve, that no one can imagine ……..MASSIVE IS THE FUTURE….

The main reason I’m confident is becasue I’ve seen designs that we can’t post. Gollum in particular gives me faith, He’s no JAR-Jar. Instead he’s a heartbreaking character, a thing with a soul.

Thanks to Hobbs3 for the tip!