This I have to post, it’s not really news, but it made me laugh. Ever worry that New Line will go ‘Batman & Robin’ and really cheese the whole production up? Even in your worst nightmare you’ve never seen something like this:

Hi there. My brother and I are avid LOTR fans and recently took a class at Rice University all about Tolkien. … we jokingly comprised a soundtrack of popular music for the LOTR movies. Some are plays on words, some are actual songs that would be the score for certain parts of the movie. We thought you and your readers might enjoy this. Thanks. Nick and Adam G.

Lord of the Rings Soundtrack

1) Main Title — London Symphony Orchestra

2) Eye of the Shire — Survivor

3) Livin’ la Vida Frodo — Ricky Martin

4) Straight outta Hobbiton — NWA

5) Pippin’s Theme / You Took Me All Night Long — AC/DC

6) Weathertop Battle / Cuts Like a Knife — Bryan Adams

7) Ent No Mountain High Enough — Diana Ross and The Supremes

8) When Saruman Loves a Woman — Percy Sledge

9) Strider on the Storm — The Doors

10) The Siege of Minas Tirith / Never Surrender — Triumph

11) Escape from Mount Doom / Take it to the Limit — The Eagles (get it? The eagles save them, we thought maybe Glenn Frey and Don Henley should voice the eagles in the movies)