From: Craig

I was checking out and was looking at a review of the new Wheel of Time game based upon Jordan’s novels, which I’ve not read. But I found this, and thought you might be interested in maybe posting it on the site and letting the fans of the novels give a response. I couldn’t find the author who wrote it, but it’s probably Chris Kramer who wrote the article.



The New Tolkien? Who cares?

Tagging Robert Jordan as the “new J.R.R. Tolkien” is about as meaningful to me as describing 98 Degrees as the “new Backstreet Boys.” Do we really need another Tolkien? Most folks don’t have much of a use for the original.

Am I interested in seeing the Lord of the Rings movies when they’re released in 2002? Yes, but only because I’m a big fan of Peter Jackson, the director. I’d much rather watch Jackson’s brilliantly twisted Dead Alive or Meet the Feebles for the millionth time than wade through hundreds of pages of frolicking elves. In the name of investigative research, I did read the WoT series in its encyclopedia-sized entirety. Each of Jordan’s Wheel of Time books are well over 800 pages in length. There’s about 600 pages of pure uselessness in every novel, wherein the fifty-seven main characters gripe at length about their lives and how unfair the universe is. Almost nothing happens for the majority of the book, then Jordan crams in a huge battle in the very last pages that carries you over into the next book. After reading all eight novels, I was left with the distinct impression that Jordan had originally intended to write the standard fantasy trilogy and then go about with his life. I’m guessing that some time shortly after his second novel went into its umpteenth pressing and all those big fat royalty checks began rollin’ in, Jordan sat back in his chair, scratched his chin and thought about stretching things out a bit.

sigh, it’s ignorant people like these that make me wonder why they have a job and I don’t!