Mongvar has informed me that he’s gotten a small interview with Ralph Bakshi, director of the easily forgetable LOTR Cartoon in the late ’70’s, here’s a sample:

Mongvar Tolkien: First of all, thank you very much for the interview, Ralph. To start, I wish to make the question which, I think, is the one most of people has done. Why did The Lord of the Rings cartoon ended in the middle of the story? Was this the initial idea or you were hoping for doing the whole trilogy? Did you ever thought in continue the cartoon untill the end? Is there still the possibility of doing it?

Ralph Bakshi: It was impossible to do the trilogy in one film. The film company knew I was doing part 1 of a 2 part movie. When it was finished, they reversed their position, and said no one would go to see part 1 so they called it Lord of the Rings and everyone thought it was supposed to be the complete trilogy. I wouldn’t work with these people again.

For the rest of the small interview, click here.