Cinescape is reporting that they’ve found the newspaper in which the supposed remark George Lucas made towards LOTR.

Is this the supposed paper? If so, who has read the article in question? I seriously doubt this was even printed due to the fact that someone would have sent it to me.

This is what Cinescape had to say:

And what of that newspaper? Is it for real… and if so, what paper was the quote in? A tipster going under the name of ‘Eggert Ólafsson’ checked in suggesting that he might actually know the paper. He gave the following info:

“The newspaper that printed that interview is named “Morgunblaðið”, translated: “The Morning Paper”. I read it about two months ago, when Star Wars premiered in Iceland. The journalist’s name is Pétur Blöndal.”

You can check out the Morgunblaðið’s website by clicking here.