I saw this bit of LOTR cast trivia over at the Entertainment Weekly site and thought I’d pass it along:

THREATENED L7 had to call off a video shoot in Texas for its new song ”Crackpot Baby” when lead singer and guitarist Donita Sparks got a bomb threat on her cell phone on Nov. 13, according to MTV News. ”We’ve pissed off a lot of people during our career, especially this year,” wrote guitarist Suzi Gardner in a statement. ”It could have been anyone from anti-pro-choicers to Lilith Fairers.” Now the shoot — which will be directed by actor Viggo Mortensen (”Psycho”) — has been bumped back to mid-December.

Hasn’t Viggo reported to N.Z. already? Has anyone told L7?

As far as I know Viggo IS in NZ, having replaced Stuart Townsend within a week-end. Perhaps it’s another Viggo? Maybe L7 will film the video in NZ?

Thanks to G.E.C. for the tip!