Where’s Flip Spiceland when you need him? It seems that the weather in Middle-earth…er, New Zealand has turned a bit…nasty:

Indeed the wether in Queenstown is baaad. (Sorry, couldn’t resist after that sheep shot. It was a cheap shot, I know… 🙂

Fresh from bad weather in Harcourt Park (necessitating rebuilding the park), the team in now based in beautiful tourist-mecca Queenstown, where Lake Wakatipu has risen to record levels (since 1878), forcing the evacuation of people from lakeside areas of the town and sandbagging of shops by volunteers in downtown Queenstown.

Wanaka has been cut off from Queenstown by rising floodwaters.

This just in: Telephone services may be cut in Alexandra due to flooding possibly forcing the shutting down of the telephone exchange. Cellphone services will also be affected if the exchange is shut down. (Casting calls were held in Alexandra for horses, etc.)

Geez, and I thought it was only in Canada where the weather made the news.

Thanks to Ian for the tip!