Cool news today from James T. While I know that the site isn’t fully active yet it will surely rock when it it gets going. I had not heard much in a while. But here is some rather cool news concerning its launch, plus some Sean Connery news, PLUS some Elrond casting!


I took a gamble that perhaps Mr. Deluca would answer my email…And he did! What a cool guy!

Anyway, I asked him some questions that have been nagging me for some time. I was particularly curious about when New Line will update the official website…

But Mr. Deluca rewarded me with an official denial of ALL Sean Connery rumors, as well as a hint of Elrond casting…

My Original Question:

Hello Mr. Deluca,

I would like to ask you three questions regarding The Lord Of The Rings production:

1. Will you be casting Elrond soon…and if I may ask…do you have any front-runners for the role?

2. Are there any plans to enhance the official website for the production soon?

3. Is there any truth to the rumors of Sean Connery making a cameo in the film? The Witch King, perhaps?

Kind Regards,

James T


No truth to Connery, he’s not in any of the films, in any way. Elrond will be cast soon with an unknown, and the official site will be enhanced really soon.