I didn’t catch all of the interview on Radio 2 but no mention I heard of LOTR. Mainly fawning fandom from Ross on Dracula, Frankenstein and Scaramanga and the most bizarre single you’ll hear this year: his duet with an unknown (to me at least) Latino (?) singer of O Sole Mio (Lee) and It’s Now Or Never (young chap). I have to say that the other guy sounds just like Elvis in places!! The single is a charity record -anything to induce the purchasing public to buy something this weird) out in the UK on 23 November (I believe). As for other upcoming events “Sleepy Hollow” was the only thing discussed – but I did miss the beginning and possibly the very end!! Lee said his best role ever was Jennah [in] a film not out in the UK yet.

Thanks to Robin for that report.