I know this is supposed to be a ‘funny’ thing, but the word that comes to me is….rude.

Article from The Evening Post 13/11/1999 (Saturday)

In ‘The Last Word’ (a last page ‘humour’ column):

“Fans of the Lord Of The Rings are so obsessed that on the Internet they’ve resorted to claiming to have discovered a “false cover” to part of the movie script.

The cover shows the logo of the Scouting movement and the title Jamboree Part One of Three, 3rd Draft. The cover explains it’s “an affectionate coming-of-age drama set in the New Zealand Boy Scout Movement during the ‘years of turmoik’ 1958-63. Screeplay by Fredricka Wharburton, Percy J Judkins, Faye Crutchley and Kennedy Landenburger.”

The fan explains that false covers to scripts are common in Hollywood so that copies don’t go missing. The idea is to make it look as boring as possible. The fan’s guess is that Percy J Judkins is Peter Jackson and Fredricka Wharburton is his wife and screenwriting partner Francis Walsh. Good grief.”

Thanks to Sam for the tip!