Months ago I heard a radio programme about a place called the Kepler Mire, and immediately thought, Oooh, the LOTR crew should film the Dead Marshes there!’ My second thought was, ‘There are going to be problems with the Department of Conservation if they DO film in some of that National Parks land.’

Well, it looks like my palantir was working, because that’s exactly what has happened. There is a Scoop article talking about the places that ThreeFootSix want to film in – and it says that ‘three actors will be required for the scenes in the Kepler Mire’ (Frodo, Sam and Gollum’s body-double, no?) and goes on to describe the lakes, tarns and delicate limestone formations which will be put at risk by dozens of trampling film crew.
And hey, I saw what you guys did to the ground on Mt. Vic, so I’m not surprised that the Forest and Bird Society are worried!

The article is covered in full by Scoop here and is worth a read.