The lovely Liv has made some news, check it out.

This might of interest to the Liv Tyler fans at the In this issue of Jane magazine Liv has an article entitled “My Boyfriend’s Band.” Her boyfriend is Royston Lanadon of the group “Space Hog”. Space Hog opened for R.E.M. on several of the recent tour dates and Liv tagged along for a few dates. I haven’t seen it but have been told there a quite a few pictures.

I saw Space Hog back in Septemember and I had second row seats. I was close enough to see a pretty dark haired woman standing in the wings but I didn’t look all that closely because I assumed she was the wife of R.E.M.’s guitarist who is also a pretty dark haired woman. I wish I had known all this then…I would have paid more attention! I had a friend who got to go backstage…I would have had her spy around and ask some questions !! 🙂

Jane magazine is a …I don’t know how to describe it. It’s a Woman’s magazine but it’s not a typical woman’s magazine…

Check out the Jane Magazine site here.

Check out a Spage Hog website here.

Thanks to Binky for the tip!