From: Greywolf

Sir Ian,

I realize that you are dreadfully busy right now with filming the “X-Men” movie, and preparing for what I believe will be your magnum opus “The Lord of the Rings”, but I hope you can answer a quick question for me. I have been a die-hard Tolkien fan for years, and when I heard that you were to be cast as Gandalf, I went out and rented a number of your movies to gain a better “feel” for your acting abilities. I had seen you before in “Richard III” but had seen none of your other movies. After watching “Apt Pupil” and “Gods and Monsters”, I wanted to know what sort of “accent” you will be using for Gandalf. Obviously, the accent you used in “Apt Pupil” was not your real one, but is the accent you used in “Gods and Monsters” your normal speaking voice?

Just trying to get an idea as to what you will sound like as Gandalf. Thanks for the consideration and good luck in all of your projects.

Reply :

dear eric

look out for the grey book on once i start filming in january – i have a standard english accent with northern english undertones – probably that will be the basis for gandalf’s voice.

best wishes and thanks for yr interest

ian mckellen

Sounds like Mckellen will not be using some fake accent, always a plus, he can pay more attention to his acting!