Ringer Spy Buzz sent me this:

There is a show here in New Zealand called What Now. It’s basically a bit of an institution now as a weekend morning kids variety show. It has cartoons, magazine-style articles and so on. Years ago…must be about 1985 I would guess, they had a series of features about an old guy tramping in the South Island with his two kids. Every week they would be going to all these beautiful bush destinations, and the old guy would always compare places to scenes from LOTR. In fact, it was those articles that convinced me to read it, and certainly influenced how I envisioned Middle Earth. From what I can remember, it’s a great showcase of South Island scenery looked at from a LOTR perspective. I imagine the chances of finding it anywhere are pretty slim. I’d love to know if any other Kiwis remember it.

Does anyone remember this? If so, contact me!