Ringer Spy ‘Reservoir Dog’ sends along his pics as to where you may be able to see some of the LOTR cast. As well as some news on Cate Blanchett.

Sunday is the opening of the new Fox Studios complex in sydney. This place is huge and is like a theme park. There is a huge A-List party on Sunday it is being televised. Big name guests from all over the world are coming for it (George Lucas, Hugh Grant), they are also getting Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) from the set of X-Men in Canada to come and host it. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the LOTR cast came (esp. Cate Blanchett). I’ll keep my eyes open.

Also on November 13 is the Australian Film Industry Awards (australian oscars) many stars are going to be there including Cate Blanchett who is going to present the award for best film. The awards are being webcast from 7:30pm AEST. The official site for the Australian Film Industry Awards is at (www.sbs.com.au/afi99) this is where you can watch the webcast. If you live in Australia it will be televised on SBS.