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Even we Green Books Staff have spies roaming about Hollywood! Here’s our first big scoop for you (we can’t let Xoanon and his pal Dwane Dipply have all the FUN, now can we?)…

This is your first look at the “false script cover” PJ created to disguise all of his LOTR scripts. This is a common practice in showbiz for high-profile projects. The main idea: If you want to keep copies from disappearing out of your office (or hotel room) then make it look as BORING as possible, so it has no resemblance to your real project at all! They know full well that Internet spies are prowling about everywhere and have had to come up with increasingly clever ways to deter them (Er…I mean, to deter US).

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This is just COVER ONE for “The Fellowship of the Ring,” and the text reads:


Part I of Three

3rd Draft

An affectionate coming of age drama set in the New Zealand Boy Scout Movement during the “years of turmoil” …1958-63.

Screenplay by

Fredricka Wharburton, Percy J. Judkins, Faye Crutchley & Kennedy Landenburger

There are different covers for the other two scripts, each with similar deceptive emblems and names. Peter Jackson must be ‘Percy J. Judkins’ and his wife Frances Walsh has become ‘Fredricka Wharburton!’ Hee-hee! This is just hysterical to me… Speaking for myself, if I saw a script lying around called JAMBOREE I know I would never bother to swipe it!

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