Harry has an image from what he says to be an image from the production on AICN. It’s supposed to be from a Japanese artist. Harry has an odd little report about it. Read on.

LORD OF THE RINGS…. wanna see Sauron’s Eye?

Hey folks… heh… Have I got something for you. I have been working secretly on a set of nanobots, really small little suckers. Their job is to go out there and find me some very cool stuff, then hop it back to Geek Headquarters for debriefing and download.

Nanobot 1, has just returned. Ya see… last time I was at L.A.’s International Airport… I turned about 3000 of these buggers loose… Nanobot 1 made it’s way to New Zealand by way of Japan. Originally, Nanobot 1 was programmed to go to Hawaii to gather FINAL FANTASY info, but… well… I still have programming work to do. Here is the report that I have decoded from his C++ gibberish…

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