David C has sent me the latest on a possible filming location. It appears that the production is doing something that Doctor Who fans should know about, they’re filming in a rock quarry:

Unfortunately i’m not a great follower of the movie or the book, but living in the Wellington area though you might like this bit of information. One of your spy’s may be able to make something out of it, and follow it up.

I drive past a large quarry on the Wellington to Upper Hutt state highway every day. Over the last week i’ve noticed a large amount of scaffolding being erected high up in the quarry. Today the scaffolding was being covered in new plywood. It looks awfully like a film set for some sort of scene set in a very barren terrain. Sound familiar?

The quarry is the Dry Creek Quarry on Haywards Hill, and can be looked over to from the top of Stokes Valley if you have anybody interested in following it up. What ever it is it’s not the normal sort of thing built in a quarry.

Any ideas?