From: The Press, Christchurch, 2 November 1999

3-D scanner for films

A laser scanner developed in Christchurch is being used to reconstruct 3-D images for Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings. David Armstong explains.

“A hand held scanner invented by a group of Christchurch scientists is being used by the film industry in New Zealand and the United States for computer-based animation.

The laser scanner and associated software can reconstruct in a few seconds a digital 3-D image of any irregularly shaped object, arranging the data in formats ready for use in popular computer-aided design and animation software packages.

After three years of development backed by government-agency grants, Applied Research Associates has begun reaping some rewards as its US-based distributor, Polhemus, this year has sold the high-tech product to some of the leading players in the film industry.

One Fastscan unit is being used by Peter Jackson’s Weta Productions in Wellington to help animate the Lord of the Rings Movie.”

Thanks to Dean C for the tip!