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Archive for November, 1999

Latest Rant, Chapter 5

Finally, I’ve completed the Book 2 Chapter 5 rant. What took me so long? Well some ‘real life adventures’ as well as other things, but here we go! Enjoy the Chapter 5 Rant.

Look for Chapter 6 soon!

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Filming in Paradise

I’ve recieved some news on future filming locations on the South Island.

Paradise is describes as: Paradise… is not a city, or a town it’s an area just beyond a small (very small) town called Glenorchy, about 40 mins drive away from Queenstown at the head of Lake Wakatipu, surrounded by mountains it’s a really nice area. The only way to get there by road is from Queenstown. People go there for sightseeing and to do walking tracks etc…

Images from nearby Glenorchy

Sounds like a rather beautiful filming location to me! All you NZ Ringers, send me any and all info about Paradise!

Thanks to Seeper for the info!

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Want to Know What They Filmed Last Friday?

Check out the Spy Reports for the full review, you will not be let down!


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Set Report

I had the oddest thing happen to me recently, I was sitting here, enjoying my cup of Earl Grey, when suddenly a package came through my window (the odd thing is, it’s cold as hell! Why is my window open!) so I opened the package and read the cover.

One Extras Trip on the Set

So, with great hesitation i peeled back the cover, and peered inside:

Last Friday 100 souls had to meet for fitting, from 6:30, we were then taken by bus to the set, where we waited for our moment.

The scene was Daytime Ext, beside an old ruin of a building

Aragorn, tells frodo to run, then is set upon by 20 Uruk Hai, he starts to get the better of them, when a seemingly endless swarm of Uruks comes over a hill towards Aragorn (viggo Looks great, so do the Bad Guys). Aragorn retreats with all in pursuit, when the Uruk Hai Band leader forces through yells “Find the Hafling!!”

The band splits into 2 or 3 groups then ran off in pursuit, it was mucho fun.

We did 4 takes the first time, with cameras behind, that nearly killed us, the heat was intense in costume, particularly I was in full Prosthetic.

Lunch Reset camera’s 3 takes from in front

A full day for mabye 20-30 secs of film.

PJ was there, Viggo was cool, 1st AD was there WETA were amazing help.

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Hall of Fire Logs online

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to point you to the Hall of Fire logs from the last three sessions. Check them out on the Hall of Fire page in the Barliman’s portion of TheOneRing.netª.

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Coming to a Store Near You?

This I have to post, it’s not really news, but it made me laugh. Ever worry that New Line will go ‘Batman & Robin’ and really cheese the whole production up? Even in your worst nightmare you’ve never seen something like this:

Hi there. My brother and I are avid LOTR fans and recently took a class at Rice University all about Tolkien. … we jokingly comprised a soundtrack of popular music for the LOTR movies. Some are plays on words, some are actual songs that would be the score for certain parts of the movie. We thought you and your readers might enjoy this. Thanks. Nick and Adam G.

Lord of the Rings Soundtrack

1) Main Title — London Symphony Orchestra

2) Eye of the Shire — Survivor

3) Livin’ la Vida Frodo — Ricky Martin

4) Straight outta Hobbiton — NWA

5) Pippin’s Theme / You Took Me All Night Long — AC/DC

6) Weathertop Battle / Cuts Like a Knife — Bryan Adams

7) Ent No Mountain High Enough — Diana Ross and The Supremes

8) When Saruman Loves a Woman — Percy Sledge

9) Strider on the Storm — The Doors

10) The Siege of Minas Tirith / Never Surrender — Triumph

11) Escape from Mount Doom / Take it to the Limit — The Eagles (get it? The eagles save them, we thought maybe Glenn Frey and Don Henley should voice the eagles in the movies)

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Moriarty Live Chat

Last night, the evil Dr. Moriarty, resident worker bee at Ain’t It Cool News, held a live chat on IUniverse. I caught the tail end of it, it was rather interesting. Here’s what he had to say concerning LOTR:

I think there’s a hell of a chance that PJ’s about to take everyone to school. The 2 script version is stunning, beautiful piece of fantasy storytelling. It’s adult and smart & passionate and sad and everything that people always complain that fantasy cinema isn’t.

And Jackson’s got the software to back it up his human actors. WETA has tricks up it’s sleeve, that no one can imagine ……..MASSIVE IS THE FUTURE….

The main reason I’m confident is becasue I’ve seen designs that we can’t post. Gollum in particular gives me faith, He’s no JAR-Jar. Instead he’s a heartbreaking character, a thing with a soul.

Thanks to Hobbs3 for the tip!

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Sutherland not in After All? was recently contacted by Donald Sutherland’s publicist and agent.

She told me that the news of Donald being cast in LOTR was ‘News to her’ and that they have not been approached by anyone.

This, I find as a dissapointment, but there may be yet more to the story, as all these things are never set in stone.

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The Hobbit Makes Lists has compiled a few ‘best of…’ lists, and ‘The Hobbit’ has made three of them.

First, it made their top 25 SF or Fantasy novels of the century. This list was presented in alphabetical order, so there is no indication of how well it did in the voting by the editors. It shares company with ‘1984’, ‘Brave New World’, ‘Dune’ and ‘The Princess Bride’.

Second, it made it into the top 50 childrens’ novels of the century. It placed 17th of 25 for the first half of the century.

Third, it was included in their top 100 fiction novels of the century. It placed 6th for the decade 1930 – 1939. It rubs elbows with ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ and ‘The Death of the Heart’.

‘LoTR’ made the childrens’ novel list as an honourable mention under ‘The Hobbit’.

These lists were critical lists, rather than fan-picked.

Thanks to Chuck for the news!

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The New Tolkien? Who Cares?

From: Craig

I was checking out and was looking at a review of the new Wheel of Time game based upon Jordan’s novels, which I’ve not read. But I found this, and thought you might be interested in maybe posting it on the site and letting the fans of the novels give a response. I couldn’t find the author who wrote it, but it’s probably Chris Kramer who wrote the article.



The New Tolkien? Who cares?

Tagging Robert Jordan as the “new J.R.R. Tolkien” is about as meaningful to me as describing 98 Degrees as the “new Backstreet Boys.” Do we really need another Tolkien? Most folks don’t have much of a use for the original.

Am I interested in seeing the Lord of the Rings movies when they’re released in 2002? Yes, but only because I’m a big fan of Peter Jackson, the director. I’d much rather watch Jackson’s brilliantly twisted Dead Alive or Meet the Feebles for the millionth time than wade through hundreds of pages of frolicking elves. In the name of investigative research, I did read the WoT series in its encyclopedia-sized entirety. Each of Jordan’s Wheel of Time books are well over 800 pages in length. There’s about 600 pages of pure uselessness in every novel, wherein the fifty-seven main characters gripe at length about their lives and how unfair the universe is. Almost nothing happens for the majority of the book, then Jordan crams in a huge battle in the very last pages that carries you over into the next book. After reading all eight novels, I was left with the distinct impression that Jordan had originally intended to write the standard fantasy trilogy and then go about with his life. I’m guessing that some time shortly after his second novel went into its umpteenth pressing and all those big fat royalty checks began rollin’ in, Jordan sat back in his chair, scratched his chin and thought about stretching things out a bit.

sigh, it’s ignorant people like these that make me wonder why they have a job and I don’t!

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New Poll

Thanks to ringer staff member Gamgee for this weeks great poll question!

Check out last weeks final results in our old poll area.

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Via Satellite.

Way back at the beginning of this project Peter Jackson talked about filming in different locations simultaneously, with him directing in one location live and the others via satellite. This is what they have ended up doing, according to a recent article in the Sunday Star-Times. Peter Jackson is using a kind of advanced video-conferencing system to direct in up to three locations simultaneously while working with live actors as well. New Line has its own dedicated satellite and images are beamed up to it.

The intereview with Barry Osborne confirmed that all three movies are being filmed simultaneously. I think some people still think that the movies are being filmed starting at the beginning and going through ’til the end. (I get emails, “Why isn’t so-and-so in NZ yet?”) The schedule as it stands, and with the added chaos of the flooding etc. must be a nightmare to keep track of.

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