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Here is really all i know, For three nights they were filming pretty much the same scene over and over again. It was only supposed to be a two night shooting but i think they had some trouble in the first night so they ran behind. I haven’t read any of the books so i will try to describe what was happening the best i can. There are two trees in the middle of a clearing that is surrounded by more trees and bush, there were at least half a dozen small artificial fires scattered around the around, some of which were actually set on fire during the shooting. The basic plot of the scene from what i can tell was that there were two groups of about half a dozen creatures, all with masks on that had elfish features and long hair, trying to pull these two trees down. This is what i think the problem was as on the first night no trees came down and on the second night only one tree came down. Also while this was going on there were about a dozen more creatures, that wore black and didn’t seem to be as made up as the rest, with firey torches running from behind the action between the trees and around the clearing. These creatures were different to the others that were trying to pull down the trees. In front of the trees there were about another dozen creatures, some with awesome make-up on, fighting with axes. When they were rehursing it seemed that after the trees were down these creatures started fighting as well. The only lines that i could hear was the “one, two, three, heave….” coming from the groups trying to pull the trees down. The rest of the time the others were just yelling and screaming. During the final take the rain was over the set again and the smoke machine was back on so it was quite misty and had a really great atmosphere. The lights were on it again which made me wonder if it was supposed to be day despite the fact it was filmed at night.

More filming may go on in that area as there are still tents down there, 2 days after filming started. There are also rumors that there will be a shoot with the hooded horseman here and maybe the forest passageway to the castle. There is a quarry in Wellington that is being rumored to set the scene for some other shoot but i don’t know what yet. All i know is that when the shoot is on, the security guards are everywhere. The must love throwing people like me out.

I will keep in touch, and write back when i have more news.