Another Norwegian Ringer Spy Tormod sent me other sections of the article which were missed:

I saw that you had some stuff from a Norwegian newspaper, so I translated most of the part about lotr. I’t seemed like you didn’t have a direct translation.

DAGBLADET: Why do you think it (lotr) still appeals to people?

ETHAN HAWKE: I read it over again last year, before I knew about the film project. It’s one of the worlds greatest books.

D: Shall your wife also be a part of the movies?

EH: I don’t know. I know that there have been rumors and that she has spoken to the producers. But we are skeptical about working together.

D: Why?

EH: It’s rely not us working together that’s the problem. The problem is that it will be marketed in a bad way. They are going to try to sell the film on a basis of our marriage.

Hrm, looks like maybe Uma is having her doubts..

Thanks to Tormod for the tip!