Howdy! “Buzz” here…:-)

Well…here I am sitting at my desk in the front window of my Mt Victoria flat, when suddenly at the section of bush up the end of the road there’s all these billowing white clouds coming out of the trees. Very much like the billowing white clouds of, say, a smoke machine. Okay, and now I can see the utility it’s coming from. And suddenly a light has come on through the trees. The smoke seems to have stopped for now, and I can see some people moving around up there. Think I might take a wander and see what I can see. 🙂

Well..I got a couple of hundred metres up the road and it started hosing down with rain. No jacket, so home I came. But I can make out what look like a couple of tents up there, presumably for behind-the-camera purposes. From the way the smoke was released much further down from where the lights are to drift up through the trees, I presume the smoke machine is for mist purposes. Haha….they appear to have had a visit from the fire service. Presumably a concerned local phoning in about billowing clouds of smoke. 🙂

Y’know, I sure hope they want middle-earth to be rainy, because ever since filming started there seems to have been a weirdly disproportionate amount of rain. The first week featured probably some of the worst weather we’d seen in months. 🙂 Small wonder Alan Lee broke his arm….it’s not exactly pedestrian friendly terrain in a lot if places up there.

Thanks to Buzz for the report!