In a few hours (Greenwitch time, not counting daylight savings, ugh, my head hurts) it will be October 31, Haloween you say? bah!! Forget that it’s Peter Jackson’s Birthday!!

WAAY back in 1961 our favorite director was born, how do we honor this? By giving him back something he lost not to long ago! (not that)

It is with great pleasure that we announce the grand reopening of The OFFICIAL Peter Jackson Fanclub: The Bastards Have Landed.

In it you’ll find the all the great stuff that was there before, concerning PJ’s past films, his awards, interviews, photographs and all!

And now YOU can become an official BASTARD when you sign up for the fan club!!

Check it out, the old team are still there Reno and Lewman working hard for you! The Fans!