Rookie Ringer Spy Aiglos Sent me the following. Before you get excited about the casting, read my news I added at the end. The hidden part concerns stuff in the film, highlight if you want to know!!!

– The scene being shot today (29th) in Harcourt Park is part of the prolouge. This scene briefly outlines the hostile situation between dwarves and elves ( i.e. the trees being chopped down and the fighting ). This was necessary to show the exceptional aspect of the Legolas/Gimli friendship. Other parts of the prolouge may include the making of the ring, Isuldur’s battle with Sauron and Bilbo’s use of the ring to escape meeting the Sackville-B’s.

– The scene with the hobbits crossing the Brandywine river was shot in Manakau on the 20-21st of this month.

– I have heard ( from an undisclosable sourse ) that American actor Nick Nolte will appear in The Return Of The King, possibly playing the role of Eomer or Beregond.

– I have heard from a very good sourse that their will be considerable quantities of Elvish in use in the films. Some actors are receiving tution in order to speak some lines in Elvish which will be accompanied by English subtitles. Tolkien’s own pronunciation appendix is being used as a guide.

– Earlier this year in Dublin Ireland, Hubbard Casting were in meetings with several Irish actors. One of them was ex-Strider Stuart Townsend, however more actors than just Townsend were contacted. It appears that there was at least one more Irish actor approached and possibly signed for a different role. I will have more details on this in the coming days.

My news concerning Nick Nolte. I called both his agent ang publisher just now, they have not heard a thing about this.

‘The first I heard about this is from you’

so there you go 🙂