Oh My GOD this is amazing news!!! Everyone now on gods green earth get down on your knees and pray this is true, If the news is true then Composer Wojciech Kilar is close to signing as composer for LOTR!!! Kilar, in my opinion one of the BEST!! If you guys have chatted with me on Barliman’s you’ll know I say the 2 composers who should do these films should be Eric Serra or Wojciech Kilar. And now the latter seems to be coming true!!

I have read yesterday in top Polish newspaper “Gazeta Wyborcza” that Wojciech Kilar (Dracula) shall compose the music for LOTR. He’s got already the script and the negotiation of the contract should be finished soon.

You want to know how you can point out a film maker? He’s got 1000 soundtracks in his collection. And some of them from movies he hasn’t even seen. Kilar’s work is some of my favorite. If you think you’ve never heard it before you’re wrong, it’s been copied and used a million times over. Go out and buy Dracula asap!!

Thank to Wawrzyniec P for the tip!!


The link to the article is here. But it’s in polish, I’m working to get it translated now.

Here is the article: Translated very roughly from Polish Ringer Spy Jacek Thanks!!


Wojciech Kilar will be writing music for a film version of “Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien

‘I wanted to have european music, symphonic, not american. I was always imagining Tolkien’s Middle-earth like old Europe’ – explained Peter Jackson, New Zealand’s director. Creating music for fairy-tell-like Tolkien’s world it’s big chance to expand wings (literally, it’s let’s say idiom like “a big field to show-off”) – says Kilar.

Tolkien never agreed for making film based on this book. Two weeks ago Jackson, author of “Frighteners” (?) and “Heavenly Creatures” started shooting this film. ‘Screenplay is fantastic. It reads like a good action story -‘ says Kilar. Lord of Rings will cost 130 millions dollars. It will be filmed in New Zealand. Hobbits will be played by actors not taller than 105 cm. Supporting characters will be played by famous hollywood actors, for example Elizabeth Taylor.

I have NO idea where they got the idea of Liz Taylor, but let me tell you they are WRONG (Liz Taylor = Liv Tyler, duh) but there you go!!

Thanks again to Jacek for the translation!