I thought this day could not get more amazing, Yankees won, Kilar possibly doing the music, what a day! Let me tell you what happened:

I was sitting here at my desk, typing away, when a sudden and freak wormhole appeared next to me. I was amazed. I threw my orange peels in, to see what would happen, they came right back to me, with a note saying ‘Please do not throw your garbage in my dimension’. I apologized, and was given a gift, the 2 script Miramax version PJ wrote for them a while back!

Yes I will be looking over them, very much the same way Moriarty did, (and I did NOT get these from him) but no, I will not be telling you folks anything extreemly spoilerish. But you will get my view on this script!

I will however be looking at the changes PJ did, and the plot outlines and pacing, all the stuff I learned in school and through basic experience. I will give you all my honest thoughts and feeling 🙂

So stay tuned for the next few days, and look out for my script review!