Teleri the newest Super Ringer Spy, just sent me the following concerning filming at Harcourt Park in Upper Hutt

If you have not been on a film set before they are a wonder to behold. The grounds are full of cranes holding lighting rigs, sound gear, Marquees for the staff/actors to be fed in, Portable ablution blocks, Caravans/mobile homes for accomodation and offices. Camera rigs and scenery. The scenery has been prepared over the last few weeks.

Forests have been built and the grounds altered. There is even a large satelite dish set up for various

communications. The weather here today is not the best it rained hard all night, the winds came this morning and the clouds are still on 100% cover. A little sunshine came around midday but not enough to dry the land.

I understand that filming will haopen during tonight but cannot confirm that as yet. Also I do not know the scene being shot but will find out even if its after it happens.


It all sounds incredibly exciting to me!! Woo Hoo!!