The cool dudes over at CHUD have their latest installment of ‘Why LOTR will rock’. This time they discuss New Media. Check it out 🙂

Everybody knows there’ll be toys, video games, magazines, and websites tying in to the trilogy, but there are other far reachings formats and shapes to this universe which will grab folks from all walks of life and make us film buffs spend ALL our green. For example:

You know those STAR WARS INSIDER GUIDE CD-ROMS we all loved? Expect a very similar one for LOTR. The difference being the fact the Tolkien’s series has a much more lengthy bit of history and lineage. There’s DECADES and DECADES of essays, artwork, and other goodies on the subject and when the fever pitch hits in two summers you’ll see folks NEEDING to bone up in time for the release.

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Thanks to the folks at CHUD for the heads up!