In NZ the film is being shot over a lot of the country. Not just in Wellington. The main studio or headquarters is in Wellington city. The main Hobbitt city is around Matamata near Hamilton.

Next week filming will be happening in Queenstown. Thats about 1400 kilometers from Hamilton and 800 from

Wellington. Late last week a scene was shot on a lake at a small country village called Manakau (pronounced Man-a-cow). Only 100 kilometers from Wellington. It was of the Hobbitts escaping by boat.

Tomorrow (Thursday 28th) and Friday there should be filming at a park called Harcourt Park in the City of Upper Hutt only 20 minutes from Wellintgton. Then as mentioned off to Queenstown.

The scripts themselves are guarded with the holders lives. The have their name superimposed through the entire text on every page. To get one is nearly impossible. The secrecy and privacy contract signed says that the holder can be sued up to the entire cost of the film if information is divulged. That’s about $NZ380 million or close to $US200 million.

Thanks to Teleri for the tip!