Hullo everybody, Quickbeam here.

We have brought a whole new plateful of stuff to the Green Books. Turgon has explored some excellent new volumes coming out from Houghton Mifflin, click on Turgon’s Bookshelf and sample the very tasty new “Millennium Edition” of LOTR. I can’t wait for my own copy!

Were Frodo and Sam gay?? How far will it go with these people saying our two heroes were in the closet? Well, I am more than willing to take on this debate. I’m going WAY Out on a Limb this time…. pick up your fork and knife and come take a bite out this one.

Our Q&A section is generously stocked with new morsels. Ever wonder how Eowyn actually managed to kill the Witch-King? The beautiful and very lucid Anwyn shows you the inside truth. And this time I take great pleasure in revealing the great mystery of the Barrow Wights. Did you ever wonder why Sauron bothered to make the One Ring in the first place? Check it out here.

Come sit at our table for awhile. You’ll be dining in very good company…. and I promise you’ll leave with a much fuller brain than before!

And serve yourself a healthy portion of great new fiction, poetry and essays from our Moon Letters section!

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