ok, maybe not that many, but SFX Mag, possibly the BEST Movie mag out there (they give it to you straight, and you will like it). I have yet to get my issue yet, but when I do I’ll scan it, in the meantime if anyone has the scanned ad, send it on over!

Hello again, Xoanon,

I didn’t expect to find myself contacting you again so quickly but I recieved a copy of ‘Sci-Fi Warehouse Direct’ in my subscription copy of SFX magazine on saturday.

On page 22 they are offering five LoR action figures for sale.


Cat No. A3391

Price £11.99


Cat No. A3392

Price £11.99


Cat No. A3393

Price £13.99


Cat No. A3394

Price £13.99


Cat No. A3395

Price £11.99

The accomanying blurb says;”As the expectation for the new live action Lord of the Rings movie trilogy grows, we are able to bring you these action figures inspired by Tolkeins world. All figures are heavily accessorised with items you will recognise. 5-7 inches.”

They are illustrated in the magazine, but unfortunately my scanner is off-line and I can’t show them to you.

The company does have a web site, www.scifiwarehouse.com, but sadly they don’t feature these action figures anywhere that I can find on the site.

Thanks to Bryn for the tip!