Nona, from ‘The Complete Sean Bean’ (check the cast page for the link) sent us a recent interview that our Boromir did for Saturday’s Daily Mail Weekend magazine (UK). Nothing LOTR related, but here are a few tidbits:

Women swoon over him, men envy him. Sean Bean, the working-class lad from Sheffield who became a star, would seem to have it made. But there has been a price to pay, as WENDY LEIGH discovered when she finally met him.

The Sean Bean we see on our television screens seems as tough and resilient as the steel city which forged him. As he struts about in his period uniform as Sharpe or in his modern fatigues in Bravo Two Zero he seems well cast as the courageous yet unemotional military man.

In his private life, too, he might be seen as cold and hard as steel; for how else could he find himself, at the age of just 40, on his third wife? Some who have followed the lurid tales of his love life might be tempted to think of him as the sort of upwardly-mobile cad who trades in wives as his career progresses. But Sean isn’t so easily pigeonholed. If he really was ruthless in love, how could it be that his first wife, his teenage sweetheart, Debra (with whom he lost his virginity), won’t say a word against him and still enjoys calling on his mother for a friendly chat in their home town of Sheffield? And how come he is so obviously devoted to his third wife, Abigail Cruttenden, and their baby Evie, now almost a year old? The wife in the middle, Bread actress Melanie Hill, is a more painful subject, for they broke up amid much acrimony about their manifold separations and talk of his supposedly laddish lifestyle…

…He laughs, relishing the memory, and the entire experience of Hollywood and all it offers to those blessed to be stars. At the same time, he is living proof of the axiom, “You can take the boy out of Sheffield but you can’t take Sheffield out of the boy,” and he knows it.

His greatest dream, he says, is to play Macbeth. “I love the play,” he says. “Love, death, ambition, betrayal. And Lady Macbeth.” So you like strong women? I ask. “Yes.” he says. “Yes, I do.”

Sensitive, shy, clearly somewhat embarrassed to find himself so succesful in a profession from which real men’s men from the welding world would steer clear, Sean Bean is not as big a macho cliche as has been projected. He is clearly capable, too, of ommunicating with women when they are vertical.

Extremely Dangerous will be shown on ITV next month.

Just a little view into one of my favorite actors among the cast! When I think of how amazing LOTR is going to be, I think of Bean.