oddest thing, I was walking home from my ‘yoga’ classes yesterday, when I was ushered into a limo by 2 men in black suits and sunglasses (the fact that it was midnight obviously didn’t bother these two). They slammed the door behind me, and I was facing an elderly man who I can only describe as ‘well manicured’. He slipped me an envelope and told me to go out there and do my job that I was born for! He then proceeded to shoot his chauffeur and blow himself up….very odd.

I ran home and opened the envelope, it contained what you now see before you, a WETA test shot, we assume somewhere near Rivendell, given all the text mumbo jumbo associated with it, which we cropped out of the right hand side (which we have now added back in!). please note: This is just a TEST shot, hence the shabby looking wall on the right, it’s kinda like when you take a portrait, and you need to test for the lighting, same thing. but very pretty no!

Don’t believe me? ok since ‘the thruth is out there’ I’ll let you in on the skinny. New Ringer Spy Mega Boom sent this in to me by ways and means unknown 🙂