Last night i headed out with Xtem to see if we could get a looksee at the filming going on at Mt. Victoria. We managed to trudge through some woods and animal paths and get within a few hundred meters, but the filming ocured in two natural bowels in the hill, resulting in us bassically seeing nothing. We could make out the odd crew member, some big lights and smoke throught the trees, but didn’t think it was prudent to get much closer.

After another rece at a different approach we were spotted by some security guard on the other side of a fence a few hundered meters away, he pointed a torch some, but we scarpered into the bushes. At that point we figured it wasn’t worth trying to get too close since there were lots of guards around and we didn’t particularly feel like being shouted at.

So we returned to the car and drove up to a checkpoint and chatted to a friendly (person) who in his charming way described some “Scary looking dudes on horses and stuff, running down the hill”. Sounds like some more generic Ringwraith stuff doesn’t it!

It was a nice change to sit there and have a wee chat rather than all the james bond stuff!

Even started to feel like the hobbits on the way to Bree, ducking down a bank and behind a tree as a car drove past on the secured roads.

Enough for one night, time for bed! O thanks to Xtem for the lift.