A recent click through over at IMDB, (The Internet Movie Database) a truly awesome site. Shows that not all filming will be taking place in New Zealand! They list Canterbury, Kent, England, UK as the filming site for Edoras, capital city of the Horsemen of Rohan. While I’ve never known IMDB to be false, this baffles me, because this is something I haven’t heard before…very interesting.

So I place a few calls and recieved this from the locals.

‘I heard they’re filming near the catherdral’

More info coming soon. All you UK Ringers! Time for some action!


Just recieved this:

I think they have made a mistake. The Canterbury that will be used for LOTR is Canterbury, a province of New Zealand. It has flat plains, mighty rivers, wooded forests, and the Southern Alps. A number of the shots on the official website look like they have used backgrounds of Canterbury places. hope that helps.

Could IMDB have gotten it wrong?

Thanks to James P for the tip!

Yes, as it turns out they are NOT filming in the UK, but Canterbury NZ. In the south Island, there we go 🙂